AESTHETICON 2019 (13th & 14th JULY)
Upcoming Events
Day 1 (13th july) Hotel Metropolitan, Delhi
Upper face workshop
  1. Butolinum toxin A for the upper face.
  2. Treating the forehead and temples with fillers.
Middle face Workshop
  1. Fillers for the mid face ( 5 point lift with needles).
  2. Using the cannula for the mid face ( pre auricular lift for contouring)
  3. Cog Threads for the mid face.
Lower face Workshop
  1. Botulinum toxin for the lower face ( including Masseters )
  2. Botulinum toxin for the neck and décolletage
    (Platysma ,Trapezius & Collar bone area).
  3. Threads for the lower face and neck.
Day 2 ( 14th July) Skinovation Clinic, Delhi
Hair Workshop
  1. Platelet Rich Plasma for hair restoration.
  2. Meso therapy for hair restoration .
  3. Hair transplant ( Live in the OT ).
Laser Workshop
  1. Resurfacingwith fractional devices.
  2. Optimal utilisation of the Q switched Nd YAG laser.
  3. Laser hair removal: practical issues.
Surgery Workshop
  1. Suturing techniques
  2. Excisions
  3. Melanocyte grafting
  4. Injection Lipolysis
  5. Ear lobe repair